About Us

ASAS for Operation and Maintenance is a local company specialized in providing human resources to other companies to carry out maintenance, contracting and other work in the KSA. The company was established in the year 2021 With a purpose of advancing the private and government sectors and providing comprehensive support to other companies to achieve their goals and aspirations in effective and economical ways, out of our belief that cooperation and solidarity are the key to Enhancing development and achieving success.


Our company seeks to be the best company for operation, maintenance, and contracting works and to attract the best human resources workers in the Middle East based on international quality standards and the use of the latest technological means based on professional, scientific, and ethical performance.


Our company's mission is to be the most trusted partner in the Middle East as a comprehensive services company (recruiting manpower - operation and maintenance - contracting), and to achieve maximum customer satisfaction Through the application quality standards at a reasonable cost and completing work in the fastest time and most accurately, because we have partners. qualified to the highest level and we use the latest technological means to maintain environmental safety and achieve the best quality for our customers.


  • Quality: We strive to deliver our services at the highest level of quality and efficiency.
  • Professionalism: We adhere to professional ethics in all our work and business relationships.
  • Innovation: We encourage innovation and seek new solutions to meet customer needs.
  • Partnership: Building sustainable and close relationships with our clients and partners.
  • Social Responsibility: Committing to a positive role in the community and contributing to the achievement of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals.


ASAS Company for Operations and Maintenance has set some strategic goals to uplift the Saudi maintenance and human resource sectors and harness the capabilities of our nation's talent in our journey towards growth. Our objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • Providing maintenance services and supplying experienced and competent technical personnel.
  • Achieving excellence in the services we provide and seeking innovative solutions that keep pace with the rapidly changing market.
  • Assisting other companies and projects in achieving growth and fulfilling their goals.
  • Continuously developing the skills of our workforce to overcome all the challenges that companies face in this field.
  • Achieving sustainable financial growth and expanding our business scope.

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