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Our Company’s Pillars


Our company is a leading provider of electrical, plumbing, cleaning, air conditioning, and other solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, serving both the public and private sectors. One of the key factors that distinguishes us from our competitors is our commitment to effective equipment maintenance. We understand that maintaining equipment is essential for ensuring the sustainability of operations, avoiding unplanned downtime, and preventing excessive costs. Therefore, we provide the necessary workforce to perform the following maintenance services:

Human Resources

We believe that people are the foundation of success for any project or company. That’s why we offer workforce and human resource Public buildings and facilities maintenance. from all over the world as part of our integrated service offerings. Our goal is to provide the best talent and skills to meet the diverse needs of our clients by following these steps:


As part of our integrated service portfolio, ASAS company provides the necessary workforce to complete various contracting works, whether it’s constructing buildings from the ground up or carrying out maintenance and finishing work for existing buildings. Our company has a team of highly experienced technicians in the field of contracting. Therefore, we are committed to providing our services efficiently and professionally at competitive prices to support project owners in executing their projects accurately within agreed-upon schedules.
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